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Chemical Equipment
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When assessing a coating for suitability for a particular application the testing of the physical properties such as bendability, impact resistance, hardness, washability and abrasion resistance are all required to provide information for decision making. Testing of the pigments using fineness of grind gauges, determining the specific gravity of the coating using density cups, measuring the viscosity using viscosity cups or rotational viscometers and assessing the drying time all provide information for the coating technical data sheets. Film applicators and test charts provide repeatable test condition for films of a variety of products including paints, inks, glues and cosmetics by controlling the application process so that tests such as hiding power and opacity can be carried out.

Elcometer 2250 Krebs Viscometer

Featuring a unique automatic test mode, the Elcometer 2250 Krebs Viscometer measures the viscosity of paints, varnishes, adhesives, pastes a...

Elcometer 4340 Motorised / Automatic Film Applicator

The Elcometer 4340 Motorised Film Applicator is the essential machine for preparing a wide variety of product samples including paint, v...

ISO Viscosity Flow Cups

The Elcometer 2353 ISO Viscosity Flow Cups are very easy to use instruments made of anodized aluminium with a stainless steel orifice, for m...

Elcometer 1720 Abrasion and Washability Tester

These robust, reliable and extremely versatile machines have been designed for testing the washability, brushability and resistance of a wid...

FORD/ASTM Viscosity Flow Cups

The Elcometer 2351 FORD/ASTM Viscosity Flow Cups are very easy to use instruments made of anodized aluminium with a stainless steel ori...

Elcometer 4360/4361 Spiral Bar Coaters

Made of stainless steel and consisting of a cylindrical bar wound with stainless steel wire, these spiral bar coaters are used to apply a pr...
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