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Elcometer 5100 Payne Permeability Cups

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The Elcometer 5100 Payne Permeability Cups are made entirely from anodised aluminium and are used to determine the permeability of films of paints, varnish, plastic, cellophane, etc.

The water evaporates or is absorbed and, after a certain time, the weight change relative to the film thickness is calculated, indicating the degree of permeability or permeance.


How to use Payne Permeability Cups


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Prepare the film to be tested using a film applicator and suitable test chart.

Disassemble the permeability cup.

Fill with required liquid (typically water) or dry desiccant (absorbent).

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Place the film on to the cup and reassemble making sure the gasket is fitted.

Weigh the prepared permeability cup and record the result (in grams).

Leave for appropriate time, re-weigh, calculate the change in mass (∆m) & water vapour transmission rate.