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Elcometer 5300 Linear Drying Time Recorder

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The Elcometer 5300 is designed to determine paint drying time by linear recording, with up to 10 positions (5 each side of the centre column) tested simultaneously.

Ten rods with hemispherical tips, fitted to a carriage, are brought into contact with the fresh films at one end of the test piece and moved lengthwise.

The drying time is calculated from the distance travelled, measured using a graduated rule along the edge, corresponding to the various stages observed on the trace.

The coatings are applied beforehand on glass strips 25mm (0.98”) wide and 700mm (27.5”) long. Using the Elcometer 3505 Cube Film Applicators, it is possible to apply up to five coatings simultaneously on a glass plate.

  • The drying time recorder automatically stops at the end of travel
  • The load on each ball is 11g (0.37oz), although additional weights can bring this load up to 21g (0.71oz)


How to use a linear drying time recorder

A Linear Drying Time Recorder calculates the drying time using the principle that:

Distance = Speed x Time

A ball tip is placed into the coating being tested and the drying time recorder begins to move the ball at a predefined speed. As the coating dries, the visual trace left in the coating by the ball identifies each stage of the cure.