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Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer

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The Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer is equipped with an electronic transducer which converts the rebound values into a reading on the digital display.

It displays a range of statistics and there is a facility to download to a PC.

The software and digital display are integrated into the design of the hammer.

  • Light and easy to use
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Possibility to store measurements and download data to PC
  • Setting of test parameters and factors (age, shape, correction factors)
  • Rapid and simple calibration procedure
  • Selection of testing angle
  • Selection of unit (N/mm2, MPa, PSI, kgf/cm2) Automatic conversion of rebound index to equivalent compression strength
  • Selection between 7 different correlation curves between rebound index and compressive strength, 2 pre-set and 5 user definable
  • Statistical evaluation of test results (mean value, standard deviation, concrete strength estimation)
  • Supplied with abrasive stone to prepare test surface
  • Storage of up to 5,000 results
  • RS 232 output to PC
  • Rechargeable internal battery